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Vulcan Hot End


Upgrade your FDM 3d printer with a Vulcan Hot End. Our Vulcan design is modular, durable, and made tough enough for industrial printing. Compatible with your favorite M6 threaded nozzles and E3D v6 mounting. Assembly of the Vulcan hot end is quick and easy.

This pack contains

Vulcan Heat Block
x 1
Vulcan Heat Sink
x 1
Vulcan Heat Break
x 1


Why Vulcan?

We developed Vulcan after thousands of hours of printing ending up in failure. We found that current consumer grade hotends just don’t cut it. They leak, they break, changing nozzles is difficult, and some are just poorly made.

Our goal is to overcome these challenges to give the consumer a more reliable longer lasting industrial grade hot end for their printer. Vulcan does this.

No Leaks

Nothing can ruin a great print quite like a blob of molten burnt material. At best a leak with only cause cosmetic issues, at worst your hotend or printer could crash and break. One problem of current hot ends is aluminium threads. Aluminium threads get worn out fast if you change a nozzle and are too easy to strip. When your heater block threads are worn out or stripped nothing can stop a leak. 

Vulcan doesn’t have a threaded heater block but rather your M6 nozzle threads directly into our stainless-steel heat break. This allows you to torque your nozzle tighter without risking the fragile threads on your heater block.

Rapid Change Nozzles

While running a high-output print farm we found that time changing nozzles is time where the printer isn’t running and is money lost. Our heat-break and nozzle can be changed in under a minute without removing the complete hotend from the printer. Simply release the heat break nozzle assembly and install another with little to no leveling adjustments required.

Better Quality

Vulcan is quality. All parts are manufactured to the highest standards from premium materials. We have thousands of hours endurance testing completed and we stand behind our product. 

E3D Compatible

Does your printer use an E3D style of hotend? Our Vulcan hotend is a drop in replacement. Compatible with standard 6mm x 20mm header elements and thermistors. You may have to adjust your Z heights and cooling ducts.

What You Get:

1x Vulcan Heat Sink & Bowden Connector

1x Vulcan Heater Block

1x Vulcan Heat Break (PTFE Lined) - All metal liner available soon.

1x Premium Stainless Steel 0.4mm Nozzle

Vulcan Hot End Assembly Instructions Can Be Found Here.

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Data sheet

304 Stainless / 6061-T6 Aluminium / PTFE
Nozzle Diameter
Max Temperature
260C with PTFE heat break liner.
Max Retraction

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