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  • $19.95

    Vulcan Heat Block

    The aluminium Vulcan heater block accepts standard 6mm x 20mm heater elements used on most printers and cartridge style thermistors. Both the thermisitor and heater element are captured in a blind hole by 2 redundant set screws. The heater block is clamped onto the Vulcan heat break.

  • $24.95

    Vulcan Heat Sink

    The Vulcan Heat Sink is the core of the Vulcan hotend. Our heat sink is designed to use E3D mounts and is anodized black to radiate heat more efficiently. 

  • $17.95

    Vulcan Heat Break

    The Vulcan Heat Break is revolutionary. Standard M6 threaded nozzles thread directly into the stainless steel Vulcan heat break. This reduces the the chance for leaks and helps your heater block to last much longer. Our heat break is not threaded into a heater block or heat sink, but rather slip fit and clamped. This means you can quickly change out the nozzle heat break assembly without removing the heat sink from the printer or heater element from the heater block.

  • $3.99

    M10 Bowden Tube Connector

    Spare bowden tube connector for the Vulcan Hot End.